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The course “Fitness training in Elite Football - Individual Development” is related to current success of the work by Jens Bangsbo at Atalanta B.C. in Serie A.

Combining scientific knowledge and best-practice, the content will focus on topics such as individual analysis, individual training, player loading, and return to play as well as the use of data for individual development. There will also be plenty of opportunities to discuss other areas of interest during the day, or during breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is all included in the course fee.

During the course, which is developed in collaboration with fitness coaches from some of the most prestigious clubs in the world such as Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool FC, Juventus FC, Internazionale FC and FC Barcelona, we will bridge theory and practice and offer concrete procedures, exercises and tools to develop each player in the team optimally.


Bridging science and practice in soccer

SoccerFitness would like to invite you for a 3-day course in Elche, Spain, between November 11-12-13.


From lectures and discussions to practical sessions by Jens Bangsbo & Casper Skovgaard. A 3-day course made to create a platform where fitness coaches in soccer can gain knowledge, be inspired and build their network.


The course was developed in collaboration with fitness coaches from some of the most prestigous clubs in the world, with decades of professional experience as its foundation.


SoccerFitness aims to provide coaches with knowledge and inspiration to further improve the quality of fitness training in soccer.

Day 1

The course started with an introduction to individual analysis. Then the coaches headed to the football pitch and conducted tests: Yo-Yo L1 - creative sprint -and 5-10-30m sprint test on a U18 team from Cocentaina. The players then played 11v11. During the game the coaches had to analyse a player of their choice.

Day 2

The second day started with the evaluation of the tests conducted during day 1. Then the coaches went to the training ground fro the 3rd practical session, Aerobic training with evaluation. It was followed by a theoretical session, then Speed endurance training and practical session for the coaches.

the coaches participated in the course in Alicante are forming a circle as a sign of community

Day 3

During the final day, the coaches participated in a theoretical session where they planned the training focusing on the selected individuals from day 1. Then the training session was conducted focusing on the pre-selected players. The players then received individual feedback and recommendation.