Fitness Training in Elite Football

Belek - Turkey

SoccerFitness workshop in Belek, Turkey

In January 2018, SoccerFitness hosted its first ever 3 day workshop in Belek, Turkey.  

The 3 day course has taken place in the impressive facilities of Gloria Sports Arena in Belek. The participants has joined academic lectures, and practical training as well. Each day has had its own theme, and specification. The learning process is based on transferring the practical experience into theory.

Day 1.

The first day, the main topic was the physical demands in football. The aim of the theoretical and practical exercises were to get an understanding, that performance in football depends on the capacity in a number of aspects such as physical, tactical, technical and psychological.
Throughout the day, the group were introduced to the respiratory system, as well as to the cardiovascular system.

The participants were turning the academical knowledge into practice on the outdoor fields, as well as took part in an indoor speed endurance court testing.

Day 2.

On day 2, the coaches started with a theoretical group work about respiratory and cardiovascular system and blood composition. After that anaerobic training took place. In the afternoon, the focus was on oxygen uptake with the help of exercises and training physiology. As well as, a group study session about energy turnover, followed by a speed endurance training.

Day 3.

Day 3, the covered topics were fitness assessment in football, mobility and rehabilitation.
The participants tried anti-gravity
pools, which provide the equivalent of a zero-gravity environment, ideal for athletes who have limitations or special considerations that prohibit land-based exercise, but with the added benefits of water. 
At the end of the course, the coaches completed an examination session, in order to receive the SoccerFitness certificate. 

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