Fitness training in elite football – individual development

In June 2018, SoccerFitness hosted an elite 3 day workshop

During the 3 day elite workshop, each day has had its own theme, and focus. The learning process is based on transferring the practical experience into theory. Therefore, participants first completed a practical training session in a given subject, which was followed by a theoretical study session.

Day 1.

On day 1, the main subject were the motor control and muscle strength. The aim of day 1 was to understand the physical demands of the game with specific focus on individual demands. At the end of the day, the group took part in a cold water immersion.

Day 2.

On the second day, the main focus was on power training in football, with a special focus on temperature control. Again the practical exercise was followed by a theoretical group work discussion.

Day 3.

On day 3, the participants joined a lecture about specific muscle training – muscle endurance training, which was followed by a theoretical session about nutrition.
At the end of the course, the coaches completed an examination session, in order to receive the SoccerFitness certificate.

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