Book Package

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Book Package


Our best offer! Get all the books + ebooks + Yo-Yo Test CD-ROM in one package. 

  • Nutrition in Football+eBook

  • Fitness Testing in Football + eBook 

  • Individual Training in Football + eBook

  • Power Training in Football + eBook

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Training in Soccer

  • 11 vs. 10 eBook

  • Yo-Yo Test

266.0 240.0

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Our best offer! Get all the books + ebooks + Yo-Yo Test CD-ROM in one package.

The package includes:

Nutrition in Football+eBook:

  • Nutrition in Football provides players and coaches with simple guidelines and knowledge about nutrition to optimize the effect of training and performance in football.
  • It presents ways in which eating and drinking can allow players at all levels of performance to achieve the special goals of their training and competition programs, without compromising the enjoyment of food and social eating occasions.

Fitness Testing in Football + eBook + Yo-Yo Test Kit:

  • Testing is a useful tool to improve the quality of training and performance of players. Consequently, it creates awareness and motivation for more training. Explore the advantages of the Yo-Yo test.
  • This book covers tests of all the important aspects of physical performance in football. It presents all the information needed about the Yo-Yo tests – the most used test in the world of football! Thirty players can do the teste within 10 minutes.

Individual Training in Football + eBook:

  • Individual training. The physical and technical demands of football differ greatly among players. As a result, focusing on the individual player is key for better performance.
  • They depend on the player’s physical and technical attributes, as well as the tactical role of the player, including the position of the player in the team. Consequently, each player should train differently. Individual training can easily be done in groups and in team settings.

Power Training in Football + eBook:

  • Power Training in Football presents the science behind effective power training for football players.
  • Generally, the book provides descriptions of simple exercises. Moreover, there are practical guidelines and examples of how to design power training programs.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Training in Soccer:

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic training in soccer by Jens Bangsbo. This book deals with the basic question of how players should train and prepare for matches. 
  • It gives the answers independent of the level and whether players are training once or 10 times per week.

11 vs. 10 eBook:

  • Why should one deal with the situation 11 against 10? It appears obvious that the team playing with 11 has an advantage and better chance of winning the game. As described in this report, it does not always seem to be the case.
  • My experience is that coaches even a top-level do not prepare the 11 vs. 10 or 10 vs. 11 situation, and in my opinion, it should be a challenge for a coach to optimize any condition that can make the team successful. Like set-pieces, the 11 vs. 10 and 10 vs. 11 situation should be discussed and trained. It may be argued that we as coaches – do not have the time to train and prepare such situations which may be regarded as having a minor influence.
  • Considering that the 11 against 10 situation occurs in about every fifth match, it appears logical to focus on it, even though it often lasts less than 30 minutes.
  • In the present report, I have included up-to-date statistical analysis, interviewed top-coaches with many years of experience and made tactical considerations as well as included exercises and drills, to stimulate to a further discussion of this topic. I must apologize for not dealing with female football, but it was beyond the scope of the project.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get all the books + ebooks + Yo-Yo Test CD-ROM in one package.

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